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The Horsehead Nebula, Barnard 33, is a dark cloud of dust and gas in front of the bright red emission nebula IC 434 in the constellation Orion. To the lower left of the Horsehead is the blue reflection nebula NGC 2023. To the left of both is the peach-colored Flame Nebula, which hides in its center a cluster of young stars that have been imaged in x-ray and infrared light. All are about 900 to 1500 light-years away. A closer view of the Horsehead Nebula, taken with a larger telescope, is shown below.

120 minutes L and 120 minutes RGB (binned 2x2) on 2016-02-11 plus 192 minutes H-a (Astrodon 3 nm) on 2016-02-05 (blended with L and R) using a QSI 583 from northern New Jersey through an Astro-Physics 105mm refractor at f6.2. (A few details were blended in from the image shown below.) North is to the left. 2016

Horsehead Nebula

The Horsehead Nebula.

A detail is shown below.

184 minutes L and 256 minutes RGB on 2012-01-15 and 2012-02-17 plus 224 minutes H-a (Astrodon 3 nm) on 2012-02-05 using a QSI 583 from northern New Jersey through an Astro-Physics 155mm refractor at f7.1. North is to the left. 2012

Horsehead Nebula Detail

A detail from the above image.

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