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3-D Lunar Eclipse

Shown above is a 3-D image of the Moon. It was made from images of the lunar eclipses of 2003-11-08 and 2008-02-20, which were fairly similar. During both eclipses the Moon was positioned near the southern edge of the Earth's shadow at mid-eclipse. Due to differences in the Moon's libration, the Moon's face was tilted to slightly different orientations during each eclipse. The tilt provided just enough of a difference in the views to produce a natural stereo pair.

To see the Moon as the 3-D sphere it really is, use red/blue glasses to view the above anaglyphic image, which presents the 2003 eclipse to the left eye and the 2008 to the right. (The "Larger Image" button on the right provides a better view.) If you don't have red/blue glasses but are able to merge stereo images without a stereo viewer, see the stereo version. 2008

3-D Lunar Eclipse

This is the same 3-D anaglyphic image of the Moon as above but with the uneven eclipse illumination balanced out. Balancing the brightness lets you see a bit more detail but also washes out the eclipse colors. 2008

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