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Star fields along the northern summer Milky Way in and around the M-shaped (or, if you prefer, W-shaped) constellation Cassiopeia. The bright stars show their natural colors. To the right of the "M" are large emission nebulae IC 1805 (the Heart) and LBN 667 (the Soul). The brightest region on the left edge of the Heart is the Fishhead Nebula, IC 1795. Below the "M" are emission nebulae NGC 7822 and CED 214. The small, red emission nebula just above the "M" is the Pacman Nebula, NGC 281. The Double Cluster is in the upper right.

Nikon 50mm lens at f/4. Three fifteen-minute exposures on gas-hypersensitized Kodak Supra 400 color-negative film. August 9, 2002 from Speculator, NY. 2002

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