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The Coathanger, also known as Brocchi's Cluster or Collinder 399, stands near the foot of the Northern Cross in the constellation Vulpecula, and is a fine sight in binoculars. True star colors are shown. Data from the Hipparcos spacecraft have shown that the 10 stars that make up the Coathanger are a chance alignment and are not part of an open star cluster. The smaller and fainter open cluster NGC 6802 is visible to the right of the Coathanger.

Astro-Physics 105mm (4.1 inch) refractor at f/4.5. One fifteen-minute and one five-minute exposure on gas-hypersensitized Kodak Supra 400 color-negative film. August 9, 2002 and August 5, 2003 from Speculator, NY. 2003

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